Lest You Forget

If sacrifice is overrated
and luck turns out to be nothing at all:

what’s worth all turning and bending
if all whats left is the free fall.

I close my eyes, and I remember,
not every good son will be a good father.

Time is a traveller, that hates to linger
and most of the romantics won’t finally hold her.

Take my heart, I’m home, lest you forget.

There used to be a point of view
to realise whats new, whats true.
But not just reality fades,
and even friends, will learn how to hate.

so keep your heart straight, nevermind the head
as those pilgrims won’t stop mumbling in debt.
Coasts are changing, the water is yours,
minds will unfold, we are setting course .

Heading to new tales, exploring the shade,
we stand together, nothing we can’t take.
Tell it everywhere, remember when you saw her,
we are finally here, to break every border.

Take my heart, I’m home, lest you forget

Tom Sawyer

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